Living in a High-Risk Flood Area?

Learn more about affordable flood insurance in Point Pleasant, NJ

Many homes and businesses in the Point Pleasant, NJ area are built in a high-risk flood zone and require flood insurance by law. But even if you don't live in one of these areas, it's still important to keep yourself protected. Damaging floods can happen when you least expect it. Contact Ward Agency, Inc. today to select the best flood insurance policy for your needs.

We can review your property's elevation certificate to determine what type of flood insurance policy is required. Don't have an elevation certificate? No problem. We can help you obtain one.

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Why should you always purchase flood insurance

Why should you always purchase flood insurance

Some homeowners believe flood insurance is only necessary if they live near water. The truth is that floods can occur anywhere. Some of the most common causes of floods are:

  • Drenching storms and hurricanes
  • Melting snow
  • Faulty or overloaded drainage systems
  • Broken water mains

A home insurance policy alone is likely not going to cover damage from a flood. If you'd like to discuss flood insurance in more detail, speak with one of our experienced agents today.