When is it time to update my Homeowners Insurance coverage?
Call your agent about 60 days before renewal, review all of your policies.

What does flood insurance cover?
Think of flood coverage for water damage coming from the bottom up. Unlike a homeowner policy that covers damage from water from broken pipes or water damage due a windstorm.

Do I need flood insurance for my home?
Everyone needs to buy flood insurance even if you are not in a flood, period.

How do I lower my car insurance premium?
Look at increasing your deductible for Comprehensive and Collison. Does the value of your car warrant Comprehensive and Collision?

Are higher insurance deductibles worth the savings?
Add the cost of the coverage with the deductible. That is what you payout first before you are paid by your carrier under that coverage.

Are your recreational vehicles covered?
Do you have snow mobile, motor home, ATV, motorcycle or watercraft? Not only due specialty policies coverage for damage to the item, there is also the very important Liability coverage included.