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By most estimates, there are about 6 million auto accidents every year in the U.S. It should be no surprise then that auto insurance is required by most states before you get on the road. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't browse your options for the best possible rates. Turn to Ward Agency, Inc. to review all of our auto and motorcycle insurance policies available in Point Pleasant, NJ.

We'll walk you through all of your choices to ensure you're making the right decision based on your needs. Call today to review auto and motorcycle insurance rates with an experienced agent.

Make the most of insurance discounts

Make the most of insurance discounts

Most auto insurance companies provide several discounts that can save you money over time. We'll help you shop for the best plan that offers discounts for:

  • Safe driving records
  • Car safety features
  • Anti-theft devices
  • Electronic payments

You'll also see huge savings if you bundle home and auto together with us. Contact us today to speak with a car insurance professional in Point Pleasant, NJ.